Investment Banking 

Private Company Sale – WCP has extensive experience working with family-owned and privately-held companies in the middle market. Our professionals understand that selling a company is a milestone event and owners of middle-market companies face various challenges in preparing for a transaction. Our investment banking team strives to help companies and their owners to realize their objectives for the business throughout the transaction process.

Leveraged Recapitalization: WCP advises business owners through leveraged recapitalizations as an alternative to an outright sale of the company. Companies use the leveraged recapitalization structure to partner with investors and allow shareholders to unlock the value in their business while continuing to retain a significant ownership interest.

Buy-side – For companies looking to grow via acquisition, WCP provides a range of buy-side services, including strategic targeting, execution, negotiation and structuring.

Joint ventures WCP advises clients through contractual and equity joint venture agreements and transactions. These agreements and transactions may be complex with consideration for joint venture structure, management roles and responsibilities, dispute resolution and exit provisions. Our team will prepare companies looking to enter into joint ventures to provide for successful partnerships while protecting the interests of both parties.

Debt / Equity Raising – Our professionals understand the broad spectrum of financing solutions available to middle-market companies. While conventional lenders have historically been the popular source for raising capital, there are a number of alternative solutions that may make more sense for the situation at hand. WCP has relationships with leading providers and experience raising capital in the form of senior debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, preferred equity, common equity and convertible equity.


Portfolio Company Sale – WCP regularly advises private equity sponsors on the sale of portfolio companies. We run a regimented sale process that is historically shown to maximize value for our clients.

Target Search Campaigns With the number of private equity funds escalating each year, as well as the increased competition from strategic buyers, the ability to target and acquire businesses with less competition and at a fair price has become more difficult. WCP brings a unique, focused and proven process to gaining access to potential sellers early and without the competitive pressure, allowing our clients to acquire and grow on reasonable and effective terms. Our success is based on running a disciplined process and having the right team tasked with completing each phase of the process.

Buy-side Advisory WCP provides an execution-based team of professionals with significant experience in the various aspects of the M&A lifecycle. WCP provides a highly flexible range of services, from target search campaigns to execution, negotiation and financing.